Wetlands are one of the most important ecosystem on earth. They provide some vital services for the survival of many species, including humans, some of them are: physical shelter, chemical protection, food, water control, weather mitigation, detoxification, and biodiversity; besides other valuable functions as cultural, spiritual and educational hubs.

The role of the wetland is sometimes referred as being the kidneys of the planet, since they filter water on its way to the oceans, detoxifying from pollutants, recovering nutrients and reinserting them in the biosphere.

Duration of the activity: 4 hours

Venue: Cenbo village, Qingpu district, Shanghai

Cost: 350 CNY/participant

Age: 8-12 years old

Learning goals:

  • Understand what are wetland and why should we care for them
  • Explore different the habitats of a wetland
  • Observe some of the threats currently affecting Shanghai wetlands
  • Experiment with the effects of wetlands in water purification
  • Discuss on how we could help protect such environments