wild weekends

wild weekends

wild weekends at Dianshan lake shanghai family outings

This two day weekend is designed to reconnect with planet and people. You arrive either Friday evening or Saturday morning in a beautiful village South of Dianshan Lake, Shanghai’s largest freshwater reservoir, which is also a protected biosphere. Turn off your mobile phone for 48 hours, unwind and savor the here and now.

We take you on guided kayak and bike tours, show you the old town of Jinze, and ignite your interest in nature walks through the local wetland forests, evening strolls to spot fire flies or mid night star gazing. Enjoy the rich taste of locally grown organic food freshly prepared for you or bring your own delicacies for an evening BBQ.

Next Wild Weekend dates: 29-31 March, 26-28 April, 10-12 May

Location: Shanghai, Dianshan Lake @ The Parrot Tree

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Slow down:
Immerse yourself in the countryside of a protected biosphere.
Appreciate the delicate balance between people, the environment and traditional agriculture.
Explore the outdoors through low-carbon activities and interactive workshops.
Enjoy the simple pleasure of being near nature in a quiet rural village.

Day 1
17:00 take bus/car from downtown
18:30 check in
19:00 dinner
21:00 campfire

Day 2
07:00 breakfast
08:00 morning bike ride
10:30 visit Jinze old town
12:30 lunch
15:00 Dianshan Lake biosphere workshop
16:30 nature walk
19:00 dinner/BBQ
21:00 night walk

Day 3
07:00 breakfast
09:00 kayak tour
11:30 shower & check out
12:30 farm lunch
14:00 tour of organic farm
15:00 Seeds of Change workshop
17:00 bus/car to downtown
18:30 Arrive at downtown Shanghai